Mr Dream Weekly Motivational Message – 26/09/19

Today I would like to share about a fellow dreamer like many of us.

I met her about 10 years ago. She was a housewife. She dared not speak up in public, not even during meetings. She always felt that she was only good in cooking and taking care of the house. She was absolutely sure that she didn’t possess any leadership skills at all. She used to tell me that she had gotten married at a very young age and became housewife after that. With 2 kids to look after, she was pretty sure her life was complete – a husband, kids and household duties……….

When her cousin brought her into our grassroots committee, she wanted her to get some exposure and to network with people. I was the vice chairman at that point of time. After chatting with her a few times I realized that she had many dreams. She was very interested in starting her own business and she was very keen on the makeup or cooking industry. Of course, she had no confidence. I kept telling her 2 things…..

The first was to chase after her dreams. Dreaming BIG is very important but you have to chase after your dreams. The moment you start chasing your dreams you will start achieving them. Slowly but surely.

The second was to live life to the fullest. We need to first be true to ourselves and live our lives to the fullest. When we are in this mode, even when things go wrong in the journey towards our dreams, we will be able to recover from whatever has gone wrong.

She took the advice to heart and today, she has made all of us proud. Today she has taken multiple courses upgrade herself to be a makeup artist and has started a company called Naga’s Beauty. She didn’t stop there and went ahead to start a catering company as well called CK Home Food….

She is a true example that everything is possible as long you put your heart into it!

Have a great week ahead and Dream Big!

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