Mr Dream Big Weekly Motivational Boost – 08/04/19

What’s stopping you from being happy?

Why feel so unhappy about things that don’t really matter? Why take negative remarks personally and push positive remarks away?

Have you wondered why is it that when one person says that you don’t look good at a party, the whole night is destroyed even though 10 people may have said that you are looking very good? Our mind seems to give extra attention only to those issues that hurt us compared to those that make us happy.

Simple- we are this way because pain is more attention-seeking compared to happiness. At the same time, pain/negativity places greater demand on our health as compared to happiness.

I have been asked this question many a times…. How is it that you can be happy all the time? Are you really able to forget things very fast and be happy, or are you just pretending?

My answer is that both are right! I am able to forget things fast and get on with life. I also pretend to not be affected and force myself to be happy. In the beginning it was difficult but after a while it became a practice. Am I 100% worry-free? Of course not, but I can proudly say that I am not 100% worried!

We can’t decide how long we are going to live, but we can definitely decide how well we are going to live.

Have an “awe”some week ahead and Dream Big.

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