Mr Dream Big Weekly Motivational  Boost – 29/01/19

The little you VS the big you!

Who do you think is more powerful?

Let me explain in detail…..

The little you is the one that wants to achieve the results. It is the one that wants to forget the negative incidents and only think about the positive ones. It is results driven and the one who is able to prioritise.

The big you is more concerned about face value, is egoistic and very emotional. It can just give up at the brink of success if it means that its ego is being hurt.

So now let me ask again, who do you think is more powerful?

My take would always be – the little one. The little one can get the results achieved… even if it means it is being embarrassed, it will endure and make sure that you achieve the results you have aimed for. It may appear as the weak one and the less powerful one, but truthfully, it is the real winner.

What’s your stand?

Have an “awe”some week ahead and Dream Big.

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