Mr Dream Big Weekly Motivational Boost – 18/09/18

It’s either you give up and lose; or keep trying and win! – Mr Dream Big

Life is like a computer game!

The beginning few levels will be a bit confusing but after a few rounds it becomes fun and encouraging……

The middle few levels will keep us excited and working hard. They give us confidence and the alderdine rush. We keep getting stronger and stronger……

The last few levels are the real challenge. You will feel like it is impossible to win. You will find that your hard work is not enough and the level can never be completed. You will want to give up…..

But remember- THAT is true progress. When things become very tough, that’s when the real winner is being moulded. It’s not just about working hard- it’s about working smart as well. Your game plan must be firm, yet flexible. You need to get over the challenges and win.

Isn’t this happening in our lives as well? In the phases of our lives, we do well in the beginning and even better towards the middle, but when it comes to the end,we struggle. We either give up or keep trying and succeed. Unfortunately many of us are not able to get through the challenges and give up. That’s why the those on top are limited in number!

Where do you stand in this? What phase are you at now? Which level of the ‘game’ are you on?

Are you going to keep trying, go through all the challenges, or take the easier way out and give up?

Have a great week ahead and dream big.

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