Mr Dream Big Weekly Motivational Boost – 04/08/18

Most times, the louder ones get away not because they are better but because you are quieter.

Don’t change yourself because of these people because you will lose yourself that way. You are who you are and people should learn to appreciate you for that.

Some time ago, I was very upset over something and I had to speak to someone and my 14-year-old daughter was beside me, so I decided to confide in her and this is how our conversation went…

Me: Baby, can I talk to you about something that is upsetting me?

Roshni: Yes, daddy go ahead…

Me: But don’t treat me like an adult and be very frank and talk to me like a friend.

Roshni: Err… Okay sure, I’ll try my best.

Me: I want to become selfish, I want to change myself and stop caring about others. I don’t want to be so righteous always. I want to shoot to kill and eat what I killed……I don’t want to care about what others think even it hurts them.

Roshni: No, no, daddy…

Me: Why? Why shouldn’t I just be like the many people around me?

Roshni: Cos it’s the right thing to do. This is what you taught me before. Be the beautiful person you are, daddy. I think you are upset now. Let’s sleep and tomorrow will be a better day- like what you always say.

That conversation gave me a boost. No matter what, I should just be the person I am even if people around me attempt to take advantage. I just need to remove those toxic people from my life.

We should not change ourselves because of the negative things that happen to us. Rather we should change the negative thoughts to positive ones with our positive attitude.

We are all humans and when things go wrong we tend to go negative but hey, look around and we might just have a motivational guru just beside us. Regardless of age or size.

Thanks to my daughter for reminding me to keep up with my motivational blogs and assuring me that I make a difference.

Have a great week ahead and Dream Big!

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