Mr Dream Big Weekly Motivational Boost – 19/09/17

“I have so much of problems that if I started to write them down, it might take days for me to finish… and most importantly, you wouldn’t be able to understand them.”
This is a very common statement we probably  have made ourselves, and/or heard from people around us. Well, they are right – we all have problems on a daily basis. We don’t typically write them all down and we can’t expect to find people to talk to who will understand everything that we say. 
Well it’s okay for them not to understand, but just to lend you a listening ear . It’s okay for them to motivate you to take your mind off the negative thoughts and think about positive things. They are just doing what they can and, trust me, they probably can’t understand your exact predicament at all.
The only one who can help you with your problems is yourself. Only you can give the best advice and can understand the exact situation. So spend less time talking to others and more time talking to yourself. 
“Everyone can listen to my problems but only I can solve it.” – Mr Dream Big 

Have a great week ahead and Dream Big!
(p.s. This is a motivational broadcast. If you do not wish to receive this any more, please reply “Do Not Send” and your name will be removed from the list.)


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