Mr Dream Big Weekly Motivational Boost – 14/08/17

Are you ready for your big dream? 

Many a times, we don’t believe we can achieve our big dreams, so much so that we are not even prepared for it. What’s the point of us achieving our big dreams if we are not able to handle it? 

For example: If your want to own a Ferrari, you make sure you start with your driving licence followed by being able to fulfil the insurance requirements and most importantly ensuring you have the proper parking space to park your Ferrari. 

This is what we mean by being prepared. You can’t go and start your driving lessons after you have saved enough for your Ferrari- that’s too late. Likewise; getting a new place with the right parking space after getting the Ferrari is too late too. 

Be crystal clear about what you want to achieve and start getting ready for it right away! 

Have a great week ahead and Dream Big!

(p.s. This is a motivational broadcast. If you do not wish to receive this anymore please reply “Do Not Send” and your name will be removed from the list.)

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