Mr Dream Big Weekly Motivational Boost – 24/07/17

Don’t be afraid to go wrong and keep chasing your dreams till you succeed. 
Those who are afraid to fail seldom will try new things. They will let opportunities pass by them as they are afraid to try (and fail in) new things. He who is afraid to go wrong will always remain within his comfort zone. 
Why do we need to be right or perfect when we are doing something? People are not going to respect or appreciate us if we always get things right. Only when you work hard and overcome challenges, when you fall down flat on your face and wake right up will people respect you. They will get inspired by your determination to achieve your dreams. 
Your big dreams are never big enough if they are easily achieved. Your big dreams should scare you so much that you will work so hard to achieve them and giving up is never an option. 
Imagine yourself walking on a rope that’s tied between two tall buildings… you are in the middle… there isn’t any turning back or giving up…. “You do or die”! 
Have a great week ahead and Dream Big!
(p.s. This is a motivational broadcast. If you do not wish to receive this anymore please reply “Do Not Send” and your name will be removed from the list.)

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