Mr Dream Big Weekly Motivational Boost – 29/05/17

Quantity vs Quality? What actually matters?

One of the biggest dream that we parents all have is to bring up our kids in the most positive and motivated manner possible.

We all have heard that we should spend more time than money on bringing up our kids. Therefore many of us just spend loads of time with our kids imparting our knowledge to them and communicating our expectations to them. The time spent with them goes to waste because of this. It’s not the quantity of time spent with our children that matters- only quality time matters. 

For example: 

Father A spends every evening with his child and keeps drumming his expectations on the child. After a while, Father and Child both start to believe that the expectations are the only way to live life and if the child has other dreams, then he is in the wrong. 
Father B spends only weekends with his child and lets the child talk about his or her dream. He works with the child on the expectations required based on the child’s dreams. The child gets ownership and has the confidence to overcome all challengers. 

So I ask again which is more important- Quantity or Quality?

Have a great week ahead and Dream Big!

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