Mr Dream Big Weekly Motivational Boost – 23/05/17


“Are you ready to let go?”

Most of the time, we are wondering why we can’t achieve our dreams the way others have. The whole issue is that we are, most of the time, holding on to something that we are done with or dissatisfied with. Therefore we lose the opportunity to accept new things.

For example – how many people have you met before who are always talking about starting their own business, but they are not willing to give up their current job? Until they lose their job, they won’t start their business… most of the time, these are extremely talented people but they are not willing to lose what they have…. in other words, they are not willing to leave their comfort zone.

The most important first step towards achieving your dreams is taking that first step, and for that to take place, you must be willing to lose what you have now…..
Have a great week ahead and Dream Big!

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