Mr Dream Big Weekly Motivation – 10/05/17

Haven’t we ever laughed at our past problems?

After many years the problems or challengers that we experienced once becomes a story that we openly share. How do get ourselves to share the “terrible problem”? Because it’s not “terrible” anymore!

That’s life… the problems that you are facing today are not going to be as terrible as you thought once when they are over but the actions that we take might not have the same effect! The actions that we take to solve the problem should be tactful and realistic. They should not be based on the emotional stage that we are in rather should be focused on solving it with minimal damage.

For every problem there is a solution you just have to look for it!
So just hang in there and stay strong cos it’s all going to be over soon.

Try and surround yourself with people who can share their positive vibes with you as they are gods gifts to you!

Thank you and have an “awe”some week ahead!

Let your big dreams lead your life!



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