Mr Dream Big Monthly Motivational Boost – 04/03/17

There are many days when we would have felt weak and demotivated. We would have been so down that we would have questioned our actions and our dreams. The common question would have been “Is it worth it?” 
Well, to understand that question we need to first understand our trigger point. A trigger point is what we call the core reason why we want to achieve the dream. Every dream should have a solid trigger point. The trigger point is the actual reason how some people can achieve their dreams immediately and some give up trying….. 

For example, a man who wants to become a millionaire before 40 could be working very hard towards his dream not just because he wants to live a luxurious life, but more because he grew up in a very poor family which couldn’t afford many things. So, he doesn’t want others to go through the same. He wants to make a difference by being an example….

A trigger point is not usually about oneself, it’s beyond that… it’s for a cause ….. an idea. 

Have a great month ahead and Dream Big!

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