Mr Dream Big Weekly Motivational Boost – 27/12/16

Christmas must have been a day full of celebrations for many. We would have spent lots of time with our loved ones. Along with all the celebrations, we should also appreciate everything that we have. We must be grateful for all the “awe”some things that we have around us. 

There are many people out there who don’t have most of the things that we take granted for. Make a wish for them – to enjoy their Christmas as well. Let’s do a little bit for the people around us. Spread a little love to them as well. 

We just did that. We celebrated Christmas in an old folks home. We got all our fellow dreamers to donate a present and collected 190 presents in total. This was a joint effort to bring a smile on our senior citizens’ faces. 

Celebrate Christmas together with everyone beside you. 

Have an “awe”some week ahead and Dream Big.

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