Mr Dream Big Weekly Parenting Tips – 21/10/16

Sometimes we notice that something does not feel right with our child but we get distracted. We are so occupied with our current issues that a slight change in our child will not look like a serious problem. We do have enormous pressures and responsibilities pulling us in many directions. The child who seems a little ‘off’, not himself, snappy or quieter than usual is trying to tell us something. Our children need attention and this is their way of showing it. But it is easy to tuck this information away in a back pocket, claiming that its just a common issue and only realise that something is wrong when a crisis occurs. We then think back and recognise that the signs were there, but we were just too preoccupied to pay attention.

Let’s give the right attention to our children and encourage them to have a positive outlook on life. 
Have an “awe”some weekend and Dream Big.

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