Mr Dream Big

From nothing to something! From Sara to Steve to Mr Dream Big. The life story of an individual who decided to take action for his dreams.8T7A6921.jpg
Steve was a youth-at-risk 20 years ago. At the age of 15, he got into bad company and started going astray. He joined a secret society and his life became very negative. He began smoking, drinking and even took drugs. When his parents started forcing him to change his ways, he ran away from home. Finally, he got himself kicked out of school after his ‘N levels. He was wasting his time doing nothing except for getting into more trouble.

One day, out of the blue, he got the opportunity to attend a motivation course. He started liking the group and wanted to change his ways. He left the secret society and started hanging out with the course participants who were encouraging him to live his life to the fullest. It took him many years to change every negative habit but eventually, he did it.

During this period of change, he went for his National Service where he learned a lot about himself. In his last year during National Service, he met Rita who was a discipline freak- just what he needed at that point in time. When he completed his national service, he got an opportunity to work in his father’s security company, Royal Security Management Services Pte Ltd together with his two sisters. Due to the lack of education and experience, he had to start working as a security officer and climb the later from there. He attended multiple courses and upgraded himself.


Finally, after 7 years he was given an opportunity to become one of the directors of the company. That got him moving up to the next level and he, together with his sister, they both grew the company and received multiple awards.


At the age of 35, after getting his first private property, he was very pleased with himself. At that time he met one of his old friends who was in a very bad shape in life, and he felt very sad for him. That got him thinking- he could have turned out just like his friend. It was sheer luck that he changed his mindset at the right time.



Steve decided that he wants to make a difference in the lives of youth who may be going through some challenging times. He also wants to inspire parents to play a very positive supporting role in their children’s lives. He wants to encourage young adults who are struggling to make a name for themselves to dream big and use the right tools to profile themselves well.  He started a new company Dream Big Pte Ltd. His experience running a business and his experience being a senior grassroots leader made him come up with a unique business model for Dream Big Pte Ltd. He started attending courses and workshops to upgrade his skills.




He uses his life stories to motivate youth. He has always been a ‘people’ person and the youth love talking to him. Apart from his experiences, he also wanted to reach out to youth using NLP, something he was very interested in as he understood that he changed 20 years ago mainly due to the change in mindset. He got himself trained in NLP by his role model, Adam Khoo. He attended Adam Khoo’s Patterns of Excellence course and got taught by Adam Khoo himself. He is now a Licensed NLP Practitioner and learned more than just NLP with this experience with his role model.




Today he is fondly known as Mr Dream Big by his friends and the people he has made a difference. He meets up with various people in his free time and discusses new ideas on dreaming big with them.

Steve believes in living life to the fullest. He believed in his dreams and dared to chase after that. Today he an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, dream shaping specialist because he believed in his dreams.


From a troubled youth today Steve stands proud as a respectable man in the society.

Steve also volunteers his time in the following area

  1. Grassroots Leader (Admiralty CCC Auditor and Ace The Place CCMC Vice Chairman)
  2. Volunteer Probation Officer with Probation and Community Rehabilitation Service (MSF)
  3. NCPG Panel of Assessors with National Council of Problem Gambling (MSF)

The following are the awards and different roles that Steve known for

  1. Silent Hero Role Model Award 2014 (Aspirational figure of society)
  2. Successful Entrepreneur Award 2010
  3. Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand 2011/2012
  4. Singapore Business Guru 2013
  5. Singapore Brand Award 2013/2014
  6. People’s Action Party District Achievement Award 2012
  7. Most Promising Grassroots Leader 2013

Steve is also a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and he is currently working on his coaching certification. His book “Its Never Too Late” will be published in 2017.


Outreach program done for Republic Polytechnic.


Outreach program done for Vetri IAEC of Ace the place CC.


Outreach program done for JC and secondary 4 students in a joint project for National Sailing Club.


Motivational talk given for Seven Wonders Of Women Seminar Series on “Living Life To The Fullest”.


His hard work and determination got him recognised by many. His biggest achievement that he feels till todate is that he got recognised by his school. Yes the same school that he dropped out from. He was invited back to give a speech to the graduating students.


Outreach program in KL

852116796_15730699392970523292.jpgOutreach program in Thailand

Steve is a true believe in dreaming big. Like he always says

Have one big dream in your life and make your whole life all about that big dream.

– Mr Dream Big

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