Mr Dream Big Weekly Parenting Tips – 23/08/2016

============ Mr Dream Big Weekly Parenting Tips ===============

We are the biggest role models for our children. They copy what we do and most of the times the bad habits get picked up very quickly. They don’t think it’s wrong because their heroes (parents) are doing it.

We parents should lead by example. We should walk the talk. Our actions become learning lessons for our kids.

One common mistake that parents do is quarrelling among themselves in front of their children. In some cases, it becomes ugly and uncalled for words are thrown at each other. All this is done in the presence of their children. When it happens far too often, our children become immune to it. Eventually, you will hear them using the similar kind of words with their friends as well. Many children grow up fearing marriage because of the fights that they saw in their childhood.

Our children are the greatest gift that we received. Let us make them into leaders.

Have an “awe”some week ahead and Dream Big.Mr850518728_4917101086354101709.jpg

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