Dream Big Youth Motivation


We believe that every individual has a very high performance level. He or she needs to explore within himself/herself to reach that level. Now we all know that it is easier said than done and that’s where we come int picture.

We don’t tell our youth what to do or what not to do…..instead we give them a platform to shine.

In Dream Big we have multiple custom-made programs that help you get started.

Our programs:

Family Bridging Program
This applies to families who are experiencing gaps in communication between youth and parents. This is a one-to-one session with the youth and the parents. It takes about 2 to 3 hours. We build a bridge between youth and parents. Usually at the end of the first session, participants will understand and accept the ‘Bridge” and work towards making it work. For effective results, we suggest three sessions in a three-month time frame.


Youth Mentorship Program
This applies to youth who need motivation and hand-holding towards their dreams. This is a one-to-one session that is planned to run for a year. We will have monthly sessions with the youth and also follow up with them via Whats App and Skype on a weekly basis. We walk through their path with them closely and guide them onto a positive path along the way. Our youth are usually very motivated right after a workshop but within days, the energy level drops because they don’t know how to apply what they have learnt. This program is designed to solve that and see that youth live their lives to the fullest.


Team Building
We believe that motivation should be made fun and should be a fundamental part of our lives. Our team-building program is designed in a way to build their confidence and leadership skills.


Motivational Workshops
These workshops are conducted once every three months, depending the current schedule of the team. We run motivational workshops in various parts of Singapore.IMG_0634 copy 2.jpg


Outreach Projects
On a yearly basis, we go to other countries to run motivation talks and seminars in at charitable organisations. This is our way of giving back to society.



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