Congrats on achieving your dreams Mr Singh and Mr Dalvinder.

A man has got to do what he has got to do to achieve his dream.

I met 2 amazing dreamers in Melbourne. They are both from India.

The first person is Mr Singh. He came to Melbourne with his wife and young son 20 years ago. He has an Indian restaurant there. He joined a restaurant there as a staff member. He then slowly learnt the skills and also saved up most of his earnings. Finally, after a few years of extreme hard work he managed to open his own restaurant. Today he is the man behind Bedi’s Restaurant in South Melbourne. I had a very good dinner at his restaurant. He did very well not just as a businessman, but also ensured that his son received a very good education. His son is now working in a multinational company and is travelling all around the world.

This man left most of his family and friends behind and went to a foreign country to pursue his dream. After so many challenges, he managed to achieve his dream. He achieved his dream because he took the right action on his dream.




The second person is Mr Dalvinder. I met him when I got into his taxi. Yes, he drives a taxi in Melbourne. He is 25 years old now. He came to Melbourne from India when he was 21. In these 4 years, he has been working as a welder in the day and drives a taxi in the night. He adopts a ‘sleep less and work more’ attitude. I asked him if he was married and he said “Nope, thats why I am here working so hard….. I want to earn enough money so that when I get married I can start a business back home.”

This man left all of his family and friends to work in Melbourne. He spends most of his time alone. He ‘celebrates’ all festivals alone in a foreign country. He doesn’t feel sad about it because he knows that he is taking action towards achieving his dreams.



Dream + Action = Success

The mantra that many successful people keep chanting.

It was an “Awe”some experience meeting with Mr Singh and Mr Dalvinder. They are proven examples that the only way to achieve your dreams is to work hard towards it.

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