Seven wonders of women series 2 – Vetri IAEC’s Delicate Touch Interest Group




Had an truly “awe”some time at the 2nd series of seven wonders of women series.

Radha and Liana were such wonderful speakers. They shared about their experience in achieving their dreams. Radha is a fitness instructor and Liana runs a chain of restaurants. They take many risks and face numerous obstacles in their journeys towards their dreams. Despite their busy schedules, they were so willing to share all their knowledge to make a difference to their audience.

Some pointers I picked up:

1) Depression and its effect on women especially after child birth
2) Halal food business gives you 100% market shares
3) Working out isn’t just for losing weight it’s more for releasing stress
4) It’s not about working out a lot, but more on a regular basis

Want to know more about them connect through their Facebook

Radha  and Liana 



People spend thousands of dollars to attend seminars like this but here at VETRI IAEC, they charge a mere $3. They believe in uplifting the people around them.

Wait no more- join the next session on the 13/08/2016 and take a step closer to your dreams.


VV2_DelicateTouch_Session_03 pic.jpg


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