Seven Wonders of Women – Series 2

There are many coaches around to teach you how to achieve your dreams and usually they all charge by the thousands. But there are some people who beg to differ.

Meet Radhai Bai and Liana Ali. They are both successful business women. They have gone through so many issues in life and managed to overcome them.

This Saturday they are coming forward to share their experience.

Radhai decided to lose weight after giving birth to regain her confidence. Her determination drove her to become a fitness guru which has now become a business as well. She will share with you her secrets on losing weight and making that into a business

Liana Ali, had an idea to make halal dim sum and that has become a chain of restaurants. She had a dream and believed in it. She will share with you her secrets on how to manage restaurants and how to overcome challenges.

For just three dollars, you get to meet two enterprising ladies and ask them all the questions that you need. So what are you waiting for?

Take the step towards your dreams.


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