Dream Big Pte Ltd

Dream Big Pte Ltd is a company that works on grooming our future leaders. The founders Steve Saravanan and Rita Devi both are experts in the motivation and education industry. In their mid-thirties, they were leading a very comfortable and successful life. They decided to push themselves further because their burning desire to make a difference was keeping them awake at night. Then came the birth of Dream Big Pte Ltd.


Steve was a youth-at-risk 20 years ago. At the age of 15, he got into bad company and started going astray. He joined a secret society and his life became very negative. He started smoking, drinking and even took drugs. When his parents started forcing him to change his ways, he ran away from home. Finally he got himself kicked out of school after his ‘N’levels. He was wasting his time doing nothing except for getting into more trouble.

One day, out of the blue, he got the opportunity to attend a motivation course. He started liking the group and wanted to change his ways. He left the secret society and started hanging out with the course participants who were encouraging him to live his life to the fullest. It took him many years to change every negative habit but eventually, he did it.

During this period of change, he went for his National Service where he learnt a lot about himself. In his last year during National Service, he met Rita who was a discipline freak- just what he needed at that point of time. When he completed his national service, he got an opportunity to work in his father’s security company, Royal Security Management Services Pte Ltd together with his two sisters. Due to the lack of education and experience, he had to start working as a security officer and climb the later from there. He attended multiple courses and upgraded himself.


Finally after 7 years, he was given an opportunity to become one of the directors of the company. That got him moving up to the next level and he, together with his sister, brought the company to receive multiple awards.


At the age of 35, after getting his first private property, he was very pleased with himself. At that time he met one of his old friends who was in a very bad shape in life and he felt very sad for him. That got him thinking- he could have turned out just like his friend. It was sheer luck that he changed his mindset at the right time.

Steve decided that he wanted to make a difference in the lives of youth who may be going through some challenging times. He started a new company Dream Big Pte Ltd. His experience running a business and his experience being a senior grassroots leader made his come up with a unique business model for Dream Big Pte Ltd. He started attending courses and workshops to upgrade his skills.


He uses his life stories to motivate youth. He has always been a ‘people’ person and the youth love talking to him. Apart from his experiences, he also wanted to reach out to youth using NLP, something he was very interested in as he understood that he changed 20 years ago mainly due to the change in mindset. He got himself trained in NLP by his role model, Adam Khoo. He attended Adam Khoo’s Patterns of Excellence course and got trained by Adam Khoo himself. He is now a Licensed NLP Practitioner and learned more than just NLP with this experience with his role model.


Rita started being an educator from a very young age. Her interest for teaching started by coaching her younger siblings when they were in school. At the age of 16, she was head hunted by a company called “Hooked on Books” and started teaching enrichment classes, including literature courses in secondary schools. When she was 19, she moved on to join the Ministry of Law but her passion for teaching led her to NIE soon after where she received her Diploma in teaching. After 10 years of teaching in MOE schools she decided to go into private teaching. Her teaching career continued in various educational insititues. Today she has 16 years of experience in teaching, 10 of which were spent in MOE schools. She is now in charge of the academic portion of Dream Big Pte Ltd. She manages all the tuition classes and quality of the teachers as well. Her dream is to make education fun and enjoyable for our young dreamers. Rita is also a certified MOE trainer.




What we do in Dream Big:

1) Tuition Programme (Maths and English tuition lessons or primary school children)
2) “Who am I” Workshop (A 3 hours Workshop designed for teenagers in understanding their strengths and weakness in order for them to achieve their dreams )
3)”Awaken the leader in you” workshop (A 3 hours workshop designed for teenagers to work on their leadership skills. They will get to brush their leadership and team working skills )
4)“Are my Parents for Mars” (A 3 hours to designed to get teenagers understand their parents and mend the broken bridge between them)
5) My Teenager and I workshop (A 3 hours workshop designed for parents of teenagers to understand how they can deal with their teenagers. How they can maintain a very happy relationship with them )
6) “Don’t worry be happy” workshop (A 3 hours workshop designed for everyone to start living their live to the fullest and to manage stress well)
7) Dreams Sessions ( This is a one year programme to design to bring youth towards a award winning experience )
8) Dreams  Nite (Networking session for everyone with big dreams to catch up with fellow dreamers)
9) One to One Fixing Session ( A private session with parents and their teenagers to fix the problems that they face with each other)
10) Dream Board Sessions (A workshop on how they prepare their vision board)


These is who we are and we believe in you. Share your dreams with us.

Email us at admin@dreamwithus.com.sg


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