Whale Done Dreamer Rekha

20160206_223356I met this dreamer 6 years ago in Phuket town. Her shop was at the end of an alley. She was explaining to me that her shop doesn’t get much customers as it’s too far in. The shops in the front are selling the same kind of items and they tend to get all the walk-in customers who pass by. I asked her why she doesn’t want to shift her shop to the front and she replied that the rental is too high. She was then paying 15000 bhat for her shop and if she were to move to the middle, she would have to pay about 50000 bhat.
Now that’s a lot of difference right? She said that one day she will own a shop in the front. I admired her dream. I made it a point to buy t-shirts etc from her shop. Since then, I have been to Phuket about 8 times. Every trip I make it a point to meet her and support her by buying some things from her. She also recognises me every time I’m there. My last trip was in February this year and as usual, I went to find her but couldn’t. I was a little surprised so, after a spot of walking around, I headed back to the beach and just as I about to exit the alley, I spotted her happily smiling at me. As I walked towards her, she excitedly exclaimed that she has done it.

Yes, she now has a shop in the middle now. Her sister has taken over the shop in the back and she helps her as well with the sales.

She had a dream and she kept working towards it. Today she has achieved it. WHALE DONE Rekha!



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