What is education to us?


Many parents pressure their kids to do extremely well in school. Well I don’t blame them- the current standard in Singapore is such. Kids also pressure themselves to do very well in school. All this pressure sometimes helps them to achieve good results but sometimes, the very same pressure becomes the main cause of their bad results.

We hear a lot about work-life balance in Singapore for adults but what about our children? I must say that these days, it looks like school children are working so much more on than adults.

My daughter is 12 years old this year. Yes, the PSLE year. She is pretty stressed about it but managing it well I must say. When I see her time table I get more stressed than her. She gets up at 6 a.m. in the morning to get ready for school and by the time goes back to bed, it’s about 10.30 p.m. I am talking about just the time she spends in school, attending tuition and completing her homework. There isn’t any balance at all for her. On some days, she only returns from school at 5.30 p.m. That means she spends about 10hours in school!!

This is the lifestyle of almost all the children in Singapore. The moment they go off track a little, they can’t catch up and end up scoring fewer marks. I see many youth going through lots of stress these days and they end up studying for the sake of it. They are just waiting for school to be over. They don’t understand what/why they are studying and obviously, they don’t enjoy it. Having big dreams and working towards it is nowhere in their minds. Most of them are concerned about how their fellow classmates are doing rather than if they have done their best. I guess that could be what is being discussed at home. I have heard children happily mentioning that they did better than most of their classmates even though they passed by only a few marks. They are content with those results when it is very obvious that they are capable of even more. At the same time, there are children who have done very well but are terribly upset because their classmates did better than them. We have stopped studying for knowledge.

“Don’t run the race to be first- run to break your own record.”- Mr Dream Big

Only we know our potential and we cannot let others set the boundaries for us.

We hear today of this student who took her own life because of her O levels. Her mother followed suit in 3 months and her dad is having an unstable mind now. A family got broken into very small pieces now.

There are many other children dying within due to the stress. What can we do for them?

Teach our children to live their life to the fullest…..teach them to enjoy the journey towards their goals.









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