Don’t worry be happy!

Why do we get worried about things that aren’t in our control?
Our past is not in our control as nothing that we do can make a difference to the past as its already over. Our future is not something that’s in our control either so no point worrying about it. We can plan for our future but not worry about it as we can’t predict it and it always has surprises for us.
The only thing that we have control over is our present. The present moment that we are in is in our total control. That needs no worrying – it only needs working on.

Cut your past and future away and start living your present.

Instead of trying to change our past and future and worrying in the present, change the way you look at things and you will find instant peace.

Our big dreams can only be achieved when we are living our lives to the fullest, not by worrying about it.
Let’s start today. Don’t worry be happy.happy-900x675

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