Let our children dream big

We all have dreams. Some of them are achieved and some are not. But we just shouldn’t let that affect our children. Usually due to our own beliefs, we would ask our children to have a certain dream or worse, stop them from having a dream. It is such a cruel thing to do. What happened to us was a reaction to the action that we took towards our dreams, and what will happen to our kids is totally different. They have to take the right actions for their dreams to become a reality. It doesn’t mean that if it didn’t work for us, it won’t work for our children.

Our children have a life of their own. Let’s encourage them to dream and take action for their dreams. The moment they start chasing their dreams, they will automatically become happy and fulfilled. Their confidence will increase as well. They will start living their life to the fullest. 

Let our children chase their dreams, not ours. 

Have an ‘Awe’some week ahead and Dream Big. 


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