Dream Shoutout – My Dreams for 2016

I have my dreams set for 2016. My dream board has been put up. I am going to be looking at it every day and night. It helps me keep focused on my dreams. Whenever I feel down or tired, I get recharged by looking at my dream board. I am now doing what’s called a dream shout out loud. You can be part of my action plan towards my dreams. 

We all want to chase after our dreams and let’s do it together as it’s more fun that way. 2016 is going to be so much fun, and what better way to kick off the year than having an “Awe”some beginning. 
By looking at our dream board, we are constantly reminded of our dreams. We are able to get back on track even when we go off it at times. 
Let’s work towards a dream big mindset for the whole year and the magic that it creates. 
Have a great week ahead and Dream Big.

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