Dream Big’s Out Reach for 2015

This will be the last blog for 2015. I would like to reminisce 3 of our major community outreach projects for the year.

Every June I will bring my family on a vacation because it’s my wife’s birthday period as well. This year we had more people joining us. We had my mother-in-law, sister-in-law Monika, and Naidu joining us. That was when this new idea came about.

It started while we were having coffee and planning our vacation. It was then that we decided to turn our June holiday trip into a really meaningful one. We decided to visit a home. We didn’t how to go about doing it so we consulted our good friend “Mr Google”. With the list of homes generated, we shortlisted it to Phuket Sunshine Village. The home responded very promptly and that made things very much easier for us. We went ahead to prepare goodie bags for them. That was when Naidu started searching for motivational quotes in Thai and managed to get a friend of his to write for us. With that, we made our very own bookmarks with motivational quotes in Thai.11390255_714199862042315_1683486703830199734_n.jpg

When reached the home we very happy to see the kids so anxious to see us. They were very excited and appreciative of the goodie bags and the simple meal that we provided for them. They also tauught us to appreciate the many good things that we have in our lives.


That experience gave us the confidence to ahead and continue the good work.

In August, my helper, Sui, mentioned that many of her friends’ families were suffering in Myanmar. They had lost their homes in the flood. They were suffering without clothes and food. We immediately jumped to action. We contacted the church but they were full house and their shipment was leaving the very next day. We begged them to make arrangements for another shipment to be made and they agreed. We started advertising through social media and made our house as the collection point for dry goods and clothes to be donated to the flood victims.


The first 2 days were very silent. That frightened us but our dreamers did not fail us. From the third day onwards we received so many donations from dreamers all around singapore. We did it eventually –  we collected 50 bags and boxes of clothes and dry food. We sent them to the church and they sent the donated items to Myanmar. My helper was shocked at the response, and we were, too. We learnt that all you have to do is just take the first step and the universe will do the rest for you.


Last but not least, we went to Rumah Kebajikan Karunai IIIam and Rumah Kebajikan Anbu IIIam @ KL. This time round, we got Roshni’s Tamil teacher, Sutha, who happens to be my childhood friend as well, to do the translation for us.


We met 40 youth there and we had so much fun with the kids. Being able to speak the same language was an added advantage. We did a bit of dream coaching and conducted a dream board workshop for them. They appreciated the session very much. We learnt so much about the value of home and family.


We are ending the year in a very satisfied manner and are looking forward to even more exciting outreach programs that we are going do 2016.

We have done our part, and encourage everyone to do their part in any possible way.

Let’s dream together and help others to dream along with us.

Have an ‘Awe’some week ahead and Dream Big.




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