Outreach Project in Anbu IIIam Home @ KL

I recently completed a simple dream board session in KL. My Dream Big team and I went to a beautiful orphanage where we met 40 youth dreamers.

The youth we met there had so many dreams and most of them were very basic ones that many others of their age take for granted.

I came across future lawyers, doctors, pilots and many more. I attempted to inspire them, and an added bonus, I got inspired by them. They reminded my team and me of all the good things that we are blessed with. They encouraged us with their will power to dream big.

When we give back to society, we show our appreciation and get the blessings… and we receive a lot more than we give.

I was grateful to be able to speak to them about their dreams and conduct a Dream Board Session.  We decided to keep in touch and share our dreams.

We dare to chase our dreams!

Dream Big Project – Anbu IIIam @ KL



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