Monthly Archives: December 2015

Dream Big’s Out Reach for 2015

This will be the last blog for 2015. I would like to reminisce 3 of our major community outreach projects for the year. Every June I will bring my family on a vacation because it’s my wife’s birthday period as well. This year we had more people joining us. We had my mother-in-law, sister-in-law Monika, and […]

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Outreach Project in Anbu IIIam Home @ KL

I recently completed a simple dream board session in KL. My Dream Big team and I went to a beautiful orphanage where we met 40 youth dreamers. The youth we met there had so many dreams and most of them were very basic ones that many others of their age take for granted. I came […]

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Since you are gonna dream….Make it Big!

It’s my dream to inspire others to dream. But in my journey inspiring others, I have came across many people who are afraid to dream. Why? Most of them are afraid that it won’t work out and they don’t want to go through the disappointment.¬† Well for starters, failure is subjective. You only fail when […]

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