Good Grades or Bad Grades 

Good Grades or Bad Grades 
Is there really something such as good grades or bad grades? If there is, how do we define what a good or bad grade is? 

Is getting a pass mark considered a good grade? Or is it considered good only when you get an ‘A’?. Our youth these days are driven to get their ‘A’s but they lose track of the journey. 
While education is very important, it is equally important to absorb the knowledge as well. Being able to pass the exams and being able to learn something are 2 different ball games. The moment you can combine both, you become the winner of the game.
The certificate can get you job….congratulations, but it is the knowledge that keeps you there. 
Don’t just study, learn as well. 
Let’s not concentrate just on the grades that our youth get… let us also see what they have learned and how they are going to apply it in their day-to-day lives. 
Encourage our youth to dream and let them work towards it. That dream alone will be enough for them getting the “A”s and absorbing the knowledge. 
There is a saying that says “Give a man a fish and he will thank you, teach a man to fish he and his familly thank you life long” . I would like to add on…. “Make sure the man learned what you thought him”
Have an “Awe”some day ahead and Dream Big 


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