Outstanding Student 

When I was a kid I was a very “outstanding” student…….I was “standing outside” most of the time. Mocked and laughed at by the other students, I didn’t enjoy school at all. I had no confidence and started stammering a lot. 

But hey, the standing outside has taught me lots of things. You get to see things from a different angle. You get to see the teacher teaching your classmates and at the same how your classmates are reacting to them. You now know who pays attention in class and who doesn’t. You can get to understand how someone can get full marks every time in exams by the way he behaves in class. 

After about 1/2 hour of standing outside the classroom, the perspective changes. The pain kicks in and you start feeling tired. You know that the class is gonna end soon and you wanna rush into the classroom without being spotted by the other students or, worst still, by the disciple master. After executing an excellent escape plan, you finally get into the class without being caught and you will feel that you deserve an pat on the shoulder. 

Now that you are feeling proud of yourself, you will be walking back home with your head held high till you reach home. Once you are home and you start getting slammed for being asked to stand outside, all the bravado and pride get crushed. You start to feel that no one and, I mean no one at all, understands how you feel. You will start to feel that the teachers hate you and your parents support them. The meaning of life changes. 

If only someone comes forward to identify and relate to the youth on how he or she feels. That conversation becomes a life changer. The youth also have feelings and they want to be taken seriously so badly. By motivating them to focus on their dreams and giving them the support they need, they will do very well. 

Your child needs the most of your attention and they need to feel important as well. Give them the importance and make them feel good about themselves. 

Be the ladder for them to climb on to reach their dreams. 

Have an “Awe”some day and Dream Big


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