Realise your passion and your strength.

When I was in school, my teachers complained that I was always daydreaming and that I was too talkative. I was upset because though I tried very hard, I couldn’t resist not doing that. My parents were afraid that I would ruin my life. I used to wonder to myself, “What’s my strength?” I wasn’t good in games, art or technical stuff. I used to have low self-esteem.

Today I Dream Coach many youths and young adults. I speak to them for hours on how they can live their dreams. I walk through their journey towards their dreams together with them.

I didn’t realise till late that dreaming was my passion and talking was my strength. 

Identifying one’s strength and passion during their youth days is very important. We can motivate them to work on their strength and that will bring them closer to their dreams.

Many leaders are identified during their youth and trust me, it is a little crazy habit of theirs that got them identified.

Everything that your child does is an action towards his/her Dream. 

Let’s be the catalyst for our youth. One of them may even become the next prime minister of Singapore.

Talk to me about your dreams. If you don’t understand how you can motivate your youth, talk to me. We can share ideas.

Email me –

Have an “Awe”some day and Dream Big.

Mr Dream Big


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