Turn negative into positive.

In our everyday life we come across so many different kind of issues. We become happy when something nice happens and feel upset when things go wrong. If you realise, when bad things  happens the upset feeling tends to stay much longer and even changes the rest of the day. Why is that so?

None of us wants to remain to upset than why do we brood over those issues that upset us. Well I don’t know the answers to why but I do know how we can get over it in a jiffy.

Change the way you look at things;

  • See the issue at hand as it is, don’t presume the after effects that will come along. The moment the issue happened what may come along will come along so you don’t need to get all worked up. Lets cross the bridge when we get there.
  • Don’t take it personal and blame yourself. It’s not always your fault.
  • Break the issue to small pieces, they are easier to solve when they are bite size.
  • Focus your energy into turning the situation to a positive outcome. Think hard enough and you will find a way.

Whenever things are not working your way keep focusing on your dreams and they will bring you back in track.

Have an ‘Awe’some day ahead and Dream Big.

Mr Dream Big


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