One of the key factors that’s stopping us from taking action for our dreams is our fear of actually achieving it. Many of times we dream about things that we dare not achieve because of the responsibilities that comes with it. When we are in this mode we also realise that we never achieve that dream mainly because we are not ready for it.

Become success worthy to become successful. – Mr Dream Big 

The best way to avoid such results is get yourself prepared. Follow our simple 7 steps.

  1. Do lots and lots of research on your dream to ensure that it’s what you really want
  2. Design your dream in a way that it will be something that will make you and everyone around you proud.(If you do not know how to do that get a Dream Coach)
  3. Put up your dream in a dream board and look at it every day like a mantra. Let Law of Attraction do its magic.
  4. Look for another person who have achieved it and take them as mentor. Learn from the roles from them on achieving the dream
  5. Think of all possible ways that will pull you down and avoid doing that
  6. Be mentally and physically prepared to achieve that dream no matter what comes along. You only fail when you give up till them you are experiencing the process
  7. Don’t give yourself a Plan B, Don’t give yourself a choice to go for something else
  • Bonus Point – Enjoy the journey towards your dream, it makes a lot of difference.

Have an “Awe”some day ahead and Dream Big

Mr Dream Big

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