Is Motivation Enough?

Is motivation enough for all of us? 

If yes, then why is it that after listening to a wonderful motivational talk and getting all perked up….we still drop back to ground zero in a couple of days? 

Some of us spend lots of money for this kind of talks and yet we tend to drop back to exactly where we started from within a couple of days. Why? Wasn’t  the motivational talk that we had gone for enough?

Almost all motivation talks tell you to take action for your goals. In our Dream Big workshops we say the same with a formula. 

Dream + Action = Success 

The difference with us is that we don’t just stop there……. We also understand that it’s very important to be mixing with like-minded individuals. The group dynamics will help you when you meet with breakdowns. 

As a matter of fact, it creates wonderful results when you go for motivational talks with like-minded people. 

  1. How do you find these people? Where can you find these people? I can suggest something to you. Be part of Dreamers Network. This a Facebook group…..we have about 50 people here who are very keen in achieving their Dreams.
  2. Attend the workshops by Dream Big where you get to meet lots of like-minded people. 

There are 2 workshops that we are having this year:

  1. Dreams Nite – come and see how average people have achieved wonders. This is done in a seminar series concept and is conducted once every 2 months. The next one is being conducted this month on 28th November 2015. (Please refer to the attached flyers.)
  2. Dream Board – dreamers meet and create a vision board and use the Law of Attraction to achieve our dreams. 

Once you are in the team…. You will find that every motivational talk gets better and clearer after a few days, because you will be discussing about your dreams and goals with the rest of your fellow dreamers. Once your start doing that, you will have a much clearer understanding. 

There will be no more ‘ground zero’ feeling after a motivational talk anymore. 

Please call Dream Big’s  team at 9138 7082 for your reservation today. 

Let us join hands and walk hand-in- hand towards our dreams.

Have an “Awe”some day and Dream Big. 

Mr Dream Big 



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