My Story………My Dream

At the age of 15 I went thru a mental breakdown. I couldn’t concentrate in school and couldn’t  manage the bullying in school. My way out was to join into a gang. I managed to instil fear in the bullies with my gang. My life turned around. Those who bullied me were so scared of me. But little did I know that the turn around that I was experiencing was for the worst. I dropped out of school at secondary 4 and started loafing around. Drinks, smoking and eventually drugs came into my life. My life started going down the drain and I was solely to be blame for that. I wanted to do so much more in my life but just couldn’t because I was lacking confidence and motivation. Thank god for the very timely “7 days transformational journey” course that I attended in Self Awareness Centre. It helped take action and change my ways.

My life changed because of the things that happened in my life and because I couldn’t handle it well. The moment I got motivated I changed for the better.

Today I am successful and respected by all. I run multiple businesses and hold high position in a number of organisations. Its time to pay back.  I have a keen passion to reach out to those who need someone to talk to and to those who need a little motivation. I believe everyone should “Dare to chase their dreams”

My Tv interview link is mentioned here….get to know my story and I hope to be able to convince you to kick start the action plan that you have in your mind.

‘I wanna be very rich and I wanna stay in Sentosa Cove one day…when that happens I want you to be my neighbour. I want to have my morning coffee and evening BBQ with you. Lets run together towards our dreams. You pick me up when I fall and I will do the same for you too”. – Mr Dream Big

If you have a dream and you wanna talk about it… me at

Best of Luck and Dream Big

Mr Dream Big


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