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Steve was a youth-at-risk 27 years ago. At the age of 15, he got into bad company and started going astray. He joined a secret society and his life became very negative. He started smoking, drinking and even took drugs. When his parents started forcing him to change his ways, he, ran away from home. Finally he got himself kicked out of school after his ‘N’levels. He was wasting his time doing nothing except for getting into more trouble.
One day, out of the blue, he got the opportunity to attend a motivation course from Self Awareness Society Singapore . He started liking the group and wanted to change his ways. He left the secret society and started hanging out with the course participants who were encouraging him to live his life to the fullest. They taught him to dream big and to chase his dreams.  It took him many years to change every negative habit but eventually he did it.
During this period of change, he went for his National Service where he learnt a lot about life and the challenges that he has to face. In his last year during National Service, he met his wife Rita who was a discipline freak- just what he needed at that point of time. When he completed his national service, he got an opportunity to work in his father’s security company, Royal Security Management Services Pte Ltd together with his sister. Due to the lack of education and experience, he had to start working as a security officer and climb the later from there. He attended multiple courses and upgraded himself.

Finally after 7 years, he was given an opportunity to become one of the directors of the company. That got him moving up to the next level and he, together with his sister, brought the company to receive multiple awards.

At the age of 35, after getting his first private property, he was very pleased with himself. At that time he met one of his old friends who was in a very bad shape in life and he felt very sad for him. That got him thinking- he could have turned out just like his friend. It was sheer luck that he changed his mindset at the right time.
Steve decided that he wanted to make a difference in the lives of youth who may be going through some challenging times. He started a new company Dream BIG. His experience running a business and his experience being a senior grassroots leader made his come up with a unique business model for Dream Big. He started attending courses and workshops to upgrade his skills. In 2020 he rebranded his company to Mr DreamBIG Initiative. He started specialising in  Law of Attraction and Dream Coaching. That same year Steve got certified as a Life Coach and A Law of Attraction Practitioner. Steve has also been a NLP Licensed practitioner from 2015. 

Steve uses his life stories and success in achieving dreams to motivate youths and young adults. . He has always been a ‘people’ person and everyone loves talking to him. The common phrase that many people say is that he always gets them pecked up just after a 30mins session with him. 

Steve is an active community leader as well. He got conferred the National Day Award 2020, The Public Service Medal  (Pingat Bakti Masyarakat) by the President of Singapore. He sits in various committee to share his expertise and knowledge. 
Some of the committees he sits in 

1) Citizens’ Consultative Committees (Admiralty) – Treasurer 
2) Ace the place community Club – Vice Chairman 
3) Indian Activities Executive Committee of Ace the place cc – Chairman
4) Community Lead Champions ( Admiralty) 
5) Woodgrove Primary School , School Advisory Committee – Member 
6) Woodlands Secondary School, Alumni – Member 
7) Self Awareness Society Singapore Management Committee –  Member 
8) National Council for Problem Gambling – Panel of Assessors 
9) Ministry of Social and Family Development – Volunteer Probation Officer 
10) Registry of Marriages –  Deputy registrar of marriages and Licensed Solemnizer 


Any time if you wanna have a chat with Steve on any matters just feel free to drop him an email at



Steve Saravanan ( Mr Dream Big.)

Believe in your dreams, take the right action and success will find you. – Mr Dream Big 

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